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Krista Hirschmann | Enhance Consulting

Relationship-Centered Communication for Healthcare Leaders and Teams 

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You work in healthcare because you are smart, you care, and you want to fix problems.

I work in healthcare because the system suffers from overwhelmed leaders, damaged relationships, and the challenge of navigating complex systems, which interferes with your ability to provide optimal care. 

Let’s recalibrate by teaching leaders and teams how to design healthy and high-performance work cultures through effective communication. Here's how.

Krista Hirschmann, Ph.D.

The Simple Point of Relationship-Centered Care

is that both the connection between the patient and provider and the interconnection among the rest of the care team must be strong, as the patient is ultimately cared for and the work accomplished through this network of relationships.

Leadership development

1:1 Consulting

1:1 Consulting for leaders at any level, but I have a particular affinity for mid-level leaders who are caught between the demands of administrative pressures and the immediate needs of frontline staff.  Minimum of 6 sessions recommended to support success.

Group Workshops

Group workshops for leaders. Can be delivered virtually or in-person, all day or in 4-hour blocks. Maximum of 6 people. Individual follow-up coaching recommended to support success.

Team (Re)Formation

A “roll-up the sleeves” approach for healthcare teams who are stuck and need to move forward. A hybrid of virtual and in-person interventions with all members of the team lasting approximately six months. 

Relationship-Centeredness Everywhere

While my experience and expertise lie squarely in health care, relationship-centered communication is applicable in any industry, and I am open to serving as fresh eyes for the right project.

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Using a complementary toolkit of evidence-based approaches and interpersonal skills

working with enhance?
Here's the buzz.

"Krista is a thought leader who brings emotional intelligence and insight into the work she does. Her vast experience leading groups to facilitate cohesiveness makes her my “go to” partner when team building is on the agenda for development. In my current role Krista helped me design a leadership summit to help the team form. From the kernel of an idea I had Krista helped me craft a program that was inspirational and well received.”    

Deb - Shriners Children's

"Working with Krista has been a professional, meaningful, and inspiring opportunity. She intentionally takes the time to understand the needs of our projects, using systems thinking to provide a comprehensive plan. We have brought Krista in for various strategies, including leadership and team development."

Molly - Lehigh Valley Physicians Group

“Leaders at our organization enthusiastically engaged and endorsed the workshop developed and facilitated by Krista.  Each of them walked away with new tools to deepen connection with their teams and anticipate increased satisfaction, efficiency and productivity for all of their team members as a result!  Every participant was inspired to further explore concepts presented and  suggested  that ALL leaders at our FQHC  attend this workshop!”

Mimi Mateo - CNM, MSN, CDE - Director of Employee Wellness and of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, TrueCare

About | Krista hirschmann

  • Taught as a college professor for 10 years before transitioning to healthcare and working there for the next 20.
  • My CV is about 15 pages long, suggesting experience but not pretentiousness.

  • Have 3 children, 1 partner and 1 dog. I love them all and spend a good bit of time cleaning up after them.

  • Went to high school in the 80s. You can do the math and guess the hairstyle.

  • I’m known for saying: “ . . . because the work gets done through the relationship.”

  • Enjoy relaxing in a sunny kitchen in the morning and a good book by a fire at night, though either rarely happens.

  • Consistently test as an introvert and like working with teams
  • Basketball is my first love and, if possible, I block my schedule to watch March Madness.
  • Despite being a Writing Fellow in college I’ve never committed to using, commas, properly.

Finally, I earned my B.A. from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA, my M.A. from the University of Maine, in Orono, ME and my Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. These were three very different communities in which to live and learn and I value each experience. All my degrees are in Communication, as when I find something I like, I stick with it. 

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The fast paced and competing demands of healthcare often make it difficult to fully support and develop new and established leaders. Previous success or a respected reputation can cloud the need to grow leadership skills in meaningful and impactful ways. Investing in concrete leadership skills and a healthy communication culture generates higher quality outcomes by enhancing efficient and effective performance, while creating a safe and inclusive work environment.
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