ENhancing Health ANd Communication Effectiveness

With 20 years of healthcare experience, we understand the importance of systems thinkng and building strong relationships to help work take root and thrive. Our breadth and depth of experience includes expert facilitation and education in relationship-centered communication. This holistic approach offers you a personalized pathway to people engagement, and the necessary tools to transform care.

By leveraging the diversity of our collective experiences, we pursue a dual mission. We partner with you to both engage patients effectively, and address the well-being of you, your team, and your organization through evidence-based, person-centered skills. In working with us, together we will both lower your costs and improve health, while enhancing your culture of care. 


“Patients have come to understand that their conditions cannot be fixed by short-term medical interventions alone and are now actively asking for help in living with the disease — they want some degree of control over how the illness affects their lives. Identifying, understanding, and actively targeting these needs on a granular basis is a critical first step . . . .”

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We proudly serve as U.S. partners for the internationally recognized 

Flinders Chronic Condition Management Program.

The Flinders Program offers individual support and tools matched to a person’s unique needs.
Evidenced-based. Structured. Effective.
We help you reduce costs while improving the quality of lives.

What We Offer

We offer a person-centered communication skills training for health providers, which facilitates improved self management for those with chronic conditions. As U.S. partners with the Flinders Program, we will introduce your team to a structured communication tool that can address any chronic condition, or multiple conditions simultaneously. The tools engage people by helping them identify personal goals and address barriers, resulting in a customized care plan. The efficacy of the Flinders Tools has been demonstrated time and again across diseases, culture, and variable resources.

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Training Program

Our CEU eligible training can be delivered for up to 12 people in 1-2 days, per your schedule and preferences.Participants will receive a certificate of completion for the course. Those who follow through with the complete training will receive a certificate of competence and unlimited licensing for the use of the tools.

We also will support you through the foundational work for introducing the course to your organization, and creating a sustainability plan to ensure its success. 



At ENHANCE, we support healthcare providers holistically by simultaneously improving their professional skillfulness, while facilitating attention to their own health. Caregiver well-being is essential to reimagining and sustaining healthcare.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone (clinical or non-clinical) is able to complete the training.  Experience tells us those in nursing and social worker roles often have the most opportunity to host Flinders conversations with patients, but all disciplines are welcome.  Other team members, particularly physicians, often find a brief introduction useful to support the process from their respective roles. 

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