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Evidence. Process. Outcomes.

Relationship-centered communication recognizes the important contribution and value of all team members. Using a variety of evidence-based tools and interpersonal strategies, ENHANCE works to strengthen connections in your relational system, leading to more efficient and effective work, and ultimately improved patient care. 

Here’s Why

“The simple point of relationship-centered care is that both the connection between the patient and provider and the interconnection among the rest of the care team must be strong, as the patient is ultimately cared for and the work accomplished through this network of relationships.”

Hirschmann & Schlair, The Patient and Health Care System: Perspectives on High Quality Care, p. 174

The Approach

ENHANCE offers a wide-range of customizable interventions including:

aappreciative inquiry

systems thinking

       relational coordination.

Approaches co-designed with you vary depending on your environment and desired outcomes.

Introductory team sessions can last as little 2 hours with the opportunity to extend projects long term. Currently, all sessions are all virtual with the hope to resume in-person contact as circumstances safely allow.





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The Outcomes

Ultimately, ENHANCE is committed to improving the quality of your work life.

To that end, I carefully acknowledge that I don’t provide “solutions” but rather introductions to evidence-based tools and skills for you to improve the quality of your work life, and reach and sustain desired outcomes.

By reevaluating the “micro-patterns” of communication in everyday moments that are no longer working for you (or that you would like enhance!) and your team, you can build a new, more energizing and productive culture.

A focus on concrete tools rather elusive solutions, equips you for ongoing effectiveness, no matter what disruptions healthcare faces.





At ENHANCE, we support healthcare providers by improving communication skillfulness. Effective communication skills are essential to reimagining and sustaining healthcare.

Who We Serve

I have experience working with everyone from front line staff, clinical teams, mid-level and C-suite leadership. Ideally, multiple layers of the system are involved, as inevitably they impact one another! I am happy, though, to work with individual teams on both one-off and long-term projects.

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