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If you are looking for complementary resources for your teamwork, your leadership, or foundational communication skills, look no further. Our personal relationship with the groups below offers the best of relationship-centered communication.

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The Academy of Communication in Healthcare

A professional home for those committed to improving communication and relationships in healthcare. For nearly 40 years, we have been at the forefront of research and teaching relationship-centered healthcare communication. If you are looking for ways to improve patient safety, interdisciplinary teamwork, patient satisfaction scores, the ACH  can help.

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Relationship Centered Health Care

A healthcare organization is, at its very core, a set of relationships between its patients and practitioners, among its clinical and administrative staff members, and with its community. We help people work, think and learn together more effectively to reach higher levels of quality, efficiency, patient satisfaction and personal meaning in their work.

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Relational Coordination Research Collaborative

The RCRC is an international learning community welcoming partners from a variety of sectors who use relational coordination theory in their research and practice. Relational coordination is a mutually reinforcing process of communicating and relating for task integration. Relationships shape the communication through which coordination occurs, for better or for worse.

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Relational Coordination Analytics

Measure. Connect. Transform. RCA delivers premium measurement, analytics and reporting solutions that support the dynamic performance of teams in complex organizations. We measure teamwork, identify strengths and opportunities, facilitate positive change and monitor progress over time to enable continual improvement. Our solution connects people—leaders, managers and the front-line across organizational boundaries to align understanding and support for change among senior leadership with the motivation, resources and buy-in needed to enable transformation at the front-line. We offer integrated solutions that transform how people work together through relational coordination and relational leadership. Our diagnostic identifies specific communication and relationship behaviors that impact performance and are targets for improvement.

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